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CY 250kg/h extruded breakfast cereals processing line


CY 250kg/h extruded breakfast cereals processing line

Breakfast cereal (or just cereal) is a food product made from processed grains that is often eaten as the first meal of the day. It is eaten hot or cold, and can sometimes be mixed with milk, yogurt, or fruit. Some companies promote their products for the health benefits from eating oat-based and high-fiber cereals. In America, cereals are often fortified with vitamins but can also lack many of the vitamins needed for a hearty breakfast. A significant proportion of cold cereals are made with high sugar content. Many breakfast cereals are produced via extrusion.


-Best quality snacks food production line at most competitive price from the world renowned -snacks food projects manufacturer and exporter from India

-Produced in the advanced state of the art manufacturing facility

-Latest high-tech design of snacks food manufacturing machines for best performance

-Best quality mechanical & electronics parts are used for long working life of the snacks food equipment

-Sturdy design for continuous 24 x 7 running of snacks food production line

-All product contact parts of snacks food processing and packaging machines are made-up of food grade materials

-Produced by highly trained and professional production and supporting staff

-Stringent quality control to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction

-Prompt and accurate delivery with excellent logistics support to even very remote locations all over the world

-Best customer care and efficient after sales services

Our twin-screw extrusion lines produce expanded ready-to-eat breakfast cereals  which are natural, coated or filled with a wide variety of recipes and shapes.

Twin-screw extruder is at the core of this very flexible and scalable manufacturing process. To meet market demand and manufacture new products, our food production lines are easily changed and adapted using simple add-ons, making it possible to manufacture bicolor or filled cereals, as well as flakes.

Technical flow chart of the breakfast cereal production line

After preparation, controlled quantities of raw materials and liquids are premixed and then dosed before being fed continuously and uniformly into the extrusion platform. This mixture is then cooked at the right temperatures using the thermo-mechanical energy provided by the twin-screw extruder. Texturing and shaping of expanded products are determined by the final design of the insert, while the expansion ratio is influenced by temperature of the extrudate, the types of ingredients used and moisture content.

The shaped products are then conveyed directly to the sugar coating system. The coated cereals are dried and cooled down to ambient temperature to retain crispness, as defined in the recipe. The products can also be filled when the unit has a co-extrusion add-on.

New model Snack food extruder
model SR-57 SR-65 SR-75 SR-95
main motor powerkw 30 37 90 132
rotary cutter powerkw 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
feeding power(kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
oil pump power(kw) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
heating power(kw) 14 14 14 14
capacity(kg/h) 150 200 400 1000
size(mm) 2300*1000*1800 2600*1000*1800 5000*1100*2200 5500*1100*2200



With all the Sunrising people's efforts, our good quality and after-sale service have gained well-known customers' approval at home and abroad. We have taken hold of 85% users of Chinese snacks market. Our products have also been exported to
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