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CY-70 twin screw extrusion food snacks machine


CY-70 twin screw extrusion food snacks machine

I. Main function

As one of the high and new technology of modern food project, extrusion technology is widely applied in the research and education of university and scientific research institution,  covering the processing field of grains food, snack food, feed, brewing and modified starched.

Equipment system components:

1.     Power driven system:  consist of specially used gearbox for CY-70 extruder. 30kw Siemens motor.

2.     Extrusion system: consisting of screw, barrel and connecting piece.  Screw is 1520mm. I zone has water jacket.

Barrels have three sections.

3.      heating system: composed of by the heating rings encircled on the barrel. Total is 8 pieces of heating rings.

4.     Electric control system: Delta VFD. Three pieces of thermostat control system.

5.     rotary cutting system: composed of rotary motor, belt and rotary knives.

6.      oil cooling system: forced lubrication to the gearbox

7.     water cooling system: cooling the barrel. Accurately control the temperature.

8.      the shell of the machine is stainless steel.

Technical parameter of machines:

Screw diameter: 70mm

Effective length of the screw: 1520mm

Screw material: 38CrMoAl

Barrel cooling method: I zone circulation water cooling jacket.

Installed capacity: 47.87kw

Heating power: I zone -0kw; II zone-8kw, III zone-8kw.

Main motor   30kw.

Feeding motor 0.75kw.

Rotary cutting motor 0.75kw.

Oil pump power 37kw.



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