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CY-65 double screw extruder 150kg per hour Cereal corn flakes extruding machine


Cereal corn flakes extruding machine

Corn Flakes is delicious and crispy breakfast cereal, added 10 essential vitamins and minerals, provides balanced nutrition.

1.Corn flakes is one kind of crispy foods, adopting grits as basic materials

2.corn flakes is fast and nourishing food with given structure, such as granule shape, flake shape and animal shape

3.Its outstanding characteristic is containing abundant compound carbohydrate and meal fiber.

4.corn flakes can be added with cocoa and sugar, such as honey and maltose

5.You can enjoy it directly by mixing with coffee, milk, ragout or functional drink

6.Children can have breakfast of sweet crispy snack

Advantages of Sunrising’s cereal flake extrusion process:

Lower raw materials costs

Greatly reduced processing time

Expert process control produces high-quality product

Flexibility to process many cereal grains: corn, wheat, bran, oats and rice

Capacity: 120 to 150kg/h, 240 to 320kg/h


mixer, screw conveyor, twin-screw extruder, cooling conveying, air conveyor, tableting machine, three-layer oven, cooker, sifter, melting sugar tank, sprayer sugar roller, air compressor, hoister, five-layer oven and cooling machine.

Corn flake press machine

The high speed corn flake press machine is composed of a set of opposite rotation stainless steel rollers, high strength machine frame, hydraulic pressure control system, automatic roller gap adjusting system, roller cooling constant temperature system, transmission system and control system.

Corn flake press machine has very high requirement for the rollers technology. First, it has very strict requirement to the surface hardness. If the hardness cannot reach requirement, the surface will have damage after using for a while, losing the smooth finish and affecting the effect of the flakes. We adopt the special technology with the surface hardness above 65 degree, ensuring the rollers have long lifespan. Second, it has strict requirement to the working accuracy. If the working accuracy cannot reach requirement, it will cause the uneven flakes, large vibration, high noise. To avoid these problem, we strictly control in the process and ensure the cylindricity of the rollers into 3μm.

The flake press machine uses the hydraulic pressure control system. It can adjust to the most suitable pressure between the rollers based on the product features and ensure product quality. Roller gap adjusting system can set and adjust the roller gap between 0-2mm.

When the flake press machine is working, the rollers gap may change due to the thermal expansion, which will influence the flake quality. In order to avoid this problem, we set the cooling water tunnel inside of the rollers and equip with high pressure water pump, which is used to compose the circulation water cooling constant temperature control system for the flake press machine, ensuring the rollers are in constant temperature state when flake press machine is working.

Application of the flake press machine

For the double roller high speed flake press machine, we mainly use for the production of the breakfast cereals, especially for the production of the corn flakes, oat flakes and rice flakes. The corn flake press machine has the features of large capacity, stable operation, low noise and small vibration. It can press into uniform and compact thin flakes.

New model Snack food extruder
main motor powerkw303790132
rotary cutter powerkw2.
feeding power(kw)
oil pump power(kw)0.750.750.750.75
heating power(kw)14141414



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