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CY-85 twin screw extrusion food snacks machine


CY-85 twin screw extrusion food snacks machine

Brief introduction of Twin screw extruders

Simply described, the twin-screw extruder is a machine consisting of two co-penetrating and self-cleaning identical screws which are mounted on shafts and rotate in the same direction in a fixed closed housing called “barrel” . The twin-screw extruders operate continuously with very short residence times.

We offer a wide range of twin-screw extruders with different characteristics depending on the industrial application and the degree of sophistication required. These machines are the heart of our continuous production lines for food & feed, cellulose pulp, plastics compounds, chemical compounds and energetic materials.

Features of CY-85 twin screw extrusion food snacks machine:

1. CY series twin screw extrusion food snacks machine is composed of feeding system, extruding system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system.

2. Feeding system, transmission system and rotary cutting system of the extruder are frequency conversion speed control with strong power and stable operation.

3. Self-lubrication, forced cooling, ensuring the safe operation of the extruder.

4. Feeding system is chosen based on different raw materials, even, stable and reliable in feeding.

5. Screw is processed by special technology, wear-resistance, fatigue-resistance with long lifespan.

6. Different L/D ratio of the screw can meet the requirements of different technical requirements.

7. Forced lubrication system ensures the transmission part of the machines have longer lifespan.

8. Visible fully automatic temperature control system makes it more direct in temperature control with more precise parameter.

9. Screw has self-cleaning function. There is no need to dismantle to clean the screw after stop of the extruder.

New model Snack food extruder
main motor power(kw)303790132
rotary cutter power(kw)
feeding power(kw)
oil pump power(kw)0.750.750.750.75
heating power(kw)14141414



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