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low price Octagonal drum Seasoning Machine


low price Octagonal drum Seasoning Machine

Brief introduction of Octagonal drum Seasoning Machine:

The Octagonal drum Seasoning Machine is also call octagonal seasoning mixer machine. It is a machine that mix many kinds of materials with high evenness by rotating mixing. It applies to the powdering, seasoning, materials feeding, mixing and coating of the foods in the shape of lump, flake and pellets in the food production process. Also it applies for the mixing of the seasoning powder or powder coating of the raw materials. The structure is simple and practical with solid welding. The surface is bright and smooth. The body of the seasoner is stainless steel with octagonal design. It can mix the ready to processed materials with the needed seasoning with high evenness in very short time. Automatic discharging of the materials. Easy and convenient to clean without dead angle.

Product features:

1. Use the gear motor and driven with gear, no broken of the fried foods.

2. Automatic mixing with high evenness.

3. Convenient to operate with large output.

4. Made of stainless steel. The rotation speed and inclination of the rotary drum are adjustable. The amount of powder can be controlled too.

5. Can flavor and mix any kinds of foods.

Designed based on the characteristics of the fried food shape, the octagonal seasoner is the specially made equipment for seasoning and mixing of fried foods.

Application area:

The octagonal seasoner can be used for the flavoring and mixing for many kinds of foods such as fried peanuts, fried broad bean, green bean, soybean, drunkard peanuts, multi-flavored peanuts, beef granules, beef jerky, shrimp flavored cracker, rice crust, french chips, potato chips, squid ring, onion ring, cashew nut, pistachio nut and sunflower seeds etc. It is welcomed by the small food processing factory due to its wide use, convenient operation and low price.

Application method:

1. Scrutinize of the machines before starting up. Check whether there is looseness of the fastening parts. If the belt is loose, adjust the tension bolt of the belt until it reaches the moderate tension.

2. Check whether there is damage of the power line.

3. Check whether is debris in the drum. If there is debris, clean the drum first.

4. Check whether the voltage meets requirement.

5.  Steadily put the machine, put in the materials that need to be flavored and start the machine.

6. Make the drum rotate clockwise and counter clockwise by reversible switch until it works well.

7. After the stop of the machine, push the control lever behind the machine, hold the handle with hands, bend the machine forward and pour out the finished product.

8. Clean the machine when the flavoring is finished.

Machine maintenance:

1. When the machine rotate very slowly or no strength, please check the tightness of the triangular belt.

2. After operation of the machine for a while, please check the bolt of all fastenings. If there is looseness, please tighten them up.

3. After six months of use, please fill new lubrication oil for the bearing.

4. This machine must be grounding.



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