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thermal insulation single roller flavoring machinery


thermal insulation single roller flavoring machinery

The single roller flavor machine is composed of hoister, oil sprayer and flavoring roller. This machine is widely applied in many aspects. It can use for the seasoning of all the puffed foods and fried foods. Also it can use to spray oil and sugar to the foods. This single roller machine is fully automatic equipment. Easy to operate, high capacity, mixing with high evenness. It is made of stainless steel. It mixes and rolls up and down of the materials until they are completely well mixed in short time.

Main characteristics:

1. The single roller flavor machine is fully automatic machine. Use the hoister to automatic feeding materials. The conveying belt of the hoister uses food grade raw materials, safe and reliable, ensuring food safety.

2. Feeding part has feeding bin, easy for feeding.

3. Roller drum uses the screw quantitative feeding, advanced spraying system ensures the high evenness of flavoring. The screw speed is adjustable.

4. Roller drum adopts one time compression moulding with no dead angle.

5. Use imported spraying head. Oil quantity is adjustable with high evenness of spraying. Heating barrel has automatic electric heating system, conveyed by pump power.

6. The body is made of stainless steel. Clockwise rotation is mixing with high evenness and no dead angle. Counter clockwise rotation is discharging of materials automatically.

7. It is convenient to operate, high capacity and high evenness.

8. Widely used for the flavoring and mixing of any puffed foods and fried foods such as fried chips, potato chips, chicken feet, peanuts and fried snack foods.

9. It is suitable for large snack food production line. Also it can be used by itself.

10. The size and length of the machine can be tailor made based on clients’ requirement.

11. Simple and practical structure, easy to clean and sterilize.

And we can do the thermal insulation single roller flavoring machinery.

It is specially used when you want to spray syrup on the snacks.

By adding heating for the single roller flavor machine, the syrup will not be frozen when spraying on the snacks.



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