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Fried Wheat Flour Puff Snack Process Line


Fried Wheat Flour Puff Snack Process Line

I. Description of Slanty Snacks Making Machine

Slanty Snacks Making Machine is designed for making the pellets, chips, fried snacks by extruder machine. Raw materials can be potato starch, corn starch, wheat flour, cassava starch etc. Through the extruder cooking, the snacks can be shaped in many different shapes, like shell, screw, spiral, square tube, circle tube, and so on. After drying and frying, flavoring with the flavor powder can get delicious snacks food.
Also, by changing the shaping machine we can produce 3D pellet, waved chips, potato chips, shrimp chips and so on.

1. Raw materials: Potato Starch, Corn Starch , Wheat Flour, Cassava Starch etc.
2. Products: By changing the shaping machine, we can produce 3D pellet, waved chips, potato chips, shrimp chips and so on.

3. Capacity: 80-100kg/h, 250-300kg/h

4. Flow Chart: Mixing —Extrusion —Shaping —Drying —Frying —Flavoring

5. Voltage: Three phases: 380V/50HZ, Single phase: 220V/50HZ, we can make it according to customers' local voltage of different countries.

6. Machines Materials: All the machines are made by food grade stainless steel.

II. Details & Features of Slanty Snacks Making Machine

1. Big Capacity Feeding Hopper, Variable Frequency Speed, Two Stages Mixing Wings ensure the Fast and Efficient Mixing and Feeding. 
2. Radiator Is Installed On Driving Part For Forces Cooling Effect, And It Ensures Extruder Operate Safely.
3. Main Motor Is Directly Connected With Bearing Box,Reducing Energy Loss And Saving Power.
4. Linear Slide Face Cutting System, Strong Power, Variable Frequency Speed and Large Output. 
5. Barrel With Water-cooled Circulation And Water Tubes With Copper Material.Wide Ranges Of Raw Materials Can Be Used For A Long Time.
6. Modular Circular Groove Screws, Available For Different Extrusion Rate Applications. 
7. Unique Designed Square Barrels, Made by Hard Carbide Sleeve, Hard-wearing and Durable.
8. PLC Touching Screen Controller(Optional),Supporting Many Kinds Of Languages,Can Preserve Various Operating Procedure,Ensuring Easy Operation And Low Failure Rate.

Main Motor from SIEMENS(CHINA), 55KW, Ensure Its Powerful Extrusion and Excellent Performance.
World-famous Brands Electronic Apparatus used in the Controller Box, make sure the Extrusion Process Perfect.



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